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Safer. Simple.
VASCADE® vascular closure system is Haemonetics' next-generation femoral arterial and venous closure system to provide rapid haemostasis after an endovascular procedure. ​The marketed closure device is proven safer than manual compression in a randomised clinical trial.1​
With an elegantly simple 3 step deployment a thrombogenic resorbable extravascular collagen patch is placed to enable rapid haemostasis while minimising complications.​



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Simple and easy to use

✓ Single operator
✓ Indicated ​
    • For use in 5 and 6/7F 12 cm introducer sheathsa
    • For femoral arterial or venous access site closure4
    • Reduces time to haemostasis and ambulation4,b
    • To reduce time to discharge eligibility4,b
✓ 2 mechanisms of action​
    • Mechanical​
    • Physiological
✓ Extravascular design​
    • No permanent or intraluminal implants​
    • No sutures or material left in vessel​
✓ Bioabsorbable and thrombogenic collagen patch​​
    • Expands to fill tissue tract​
aOverall length of the sheath (including the hub) needs to be less than 15 cm
bCompared to manual compression


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Ordering Information

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Catalogue Number Description Order Quantity
700-500DX-05E 5 French (Inner Diameter) 1 Box (5 devices per box)
Catalogue Number Description Order Quantity
700-580I-05E 6/7 French (Inner Diameter) 1 Box (5 devices per box)
Catalogue Number Description Order Quantity
800-612C-10E 6-12 French (Inner Diameter) 1 Box (10 devices per box)
1. Hermiller JB., et al. A Prospective, Randomized, Pivotal Trial of a Novel Extravascular Collagen-Based Closure Device Compared to Manual Compression in Diagnostic and Interventional Patients. J Invasive Cardiol. 2015; 27(3): 129-36.​
2. Data for the chart is from U.S. FDA IFUs and includes both Interventional and Diagnostic treatment arms. All Intention To Treat patients and events are included in the chart. As complication rate data are based on a cross-trial comparison and not head-to-head clinical trials, the data may not be directly comparable due to differences in study protocols, conditions and patient populations. ​
3. Complication rates for manual compression presented are based on the composite of manual compression complication rates included in the IFUs of the devices presented.​
4. Please consult product labels and instructions for use for indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions and adverse events. See VASCADE® EU IFU 5685 Instructions for Use.

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