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Early Ambulation. Simple. Proven.
VASCADE MVP® venous vascular closure system provides rapid haemostasis for electrophysiology (EP) procedures, enabling patients to get up earlier. VASCADE MVP system is easy to use and has demonstrated 0% major complicationsa in 1,223 patients in 5 EP clinical trials.1-5 In the AMBULATE pivotal trial1, VASCADE MVP system has been proven to reduce time to ambulation by 64%, improve patient satisfaction by 63% and reduce opioid use post procedure by 58%. The VASCADE MVP system is indicated for use in multi-stick and multi-limb catheter-based procedures.6

aMajor venous access site closure-related complications through the follow-up period.



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Simple and Easy to Use

✓ Single operator
✓ Indicated ​
    • For use in 6F to 12F ID (max 15F OD) 12 cm introducer sheathsa
    • For single or multiple access sites in one or both limbs
✓ 2 mechanisms of action​
    • Mechanical​
    • Physiological
✓ Extravascular design​
    • No permanent or intraluminal implants​
    • No sutures or material left in vessel​
✓ Bioabsorbable and thrombogenic collagen patch​​
    • Expands to fill tissue tract​
aOverall length of the sheath (including the hub) needs to be less than 15 cm


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Catalogue Number Description Order Quantity
800-612C-10E 6-12 French (Inner Diameter) 1 Box (10 devices per box)
Catalogue Number Description Order Quantity
700-500DX-05E 5 French (Inner Diameter) 1 Box (5 devices per box)
Catalogue Number Description Order Quantity
700-580I-05E 6/7 French (Inner Diameter) 1 Box (5 devices per box)

1. Natale A, et al. Venous vascular closure system versus manual compression following multiple access electrophysiology procedures: The AMBULATE Trial. JACC Clin Electrophysiol 2020; 6(1):111-124.
2. Al-Ahmad A, et al. Results from the prospective, multicenter AMBULATE-CAP trial: Reduced use of urinary catheters and protamine with hemostasis via the mid-bore venous vascular closure system. VASCADE MVP following multi-access cardiac ablation procedures. J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol 2021. 32(2): 191-99.
3. AMBULATE Same Day Discharge Registry Retrospective Study: NCT04538781.
4/5. Eldadah ZA, et al. Same-day discharge following catheter ablation and venous closure with VASCADE MVP: A post-market registry. J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol 2022. https://doi. org/10.1111/jce.15763. NCT04203329.
6. Catheter-based cardiac ablations requiring two or more venous access sites within the same limb. See VASCADE MVP IFU 5686 Indications for Use.
7. Data on file at Haemonetics.
8. Major venous access site closure-related complications through the follow up.
9. Venous access site closure-related complications through 15-day follow up.

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