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Cell Salvage

Haemonetics developed clinical autologous blood recovery over 50 years ago
Reducing the need for donated blood transfusions has well-documented benefits to the patient and cost benefits to your facility. In medium to high blood loss procedures, the Cell Saver® Elite®+ autologous blood recovery system provides the hospital with a fast, reliable, easy-to-use way to recover and deliver a patient’s own high-quality blood to a product bag.

Haemonetics Cell Salvage Cell Saver
In 1972, Haemonetics developed the clinical application for autologous blood recovery. We continue to advance the science of blood management by investing in technology to help improve patient outcomes.

  • Mission: Deliver exceptional blood quality simply and efficiently in dynamic blood loss situations. Support best-in-class patient blood management with an intuitive and flexible cell salvage solution designed to preserve, wash and deliver high-quality red blood cells to a product bag.
  • Vision: To give the best solution to meet clinicians' needs and support the patients with the best possible outcome.
  • Haemonetics

    Delivering Value Beyond the Technology

    Investing in an autologous blood recovery device is an important clinical and economic decision for your hospital. With Haemonetics you have access to a comprehensive suite of programs and services to support your needs - from system implementation to education, technical support and service.

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    Cell Saver Elite Plus Haemonetics

    Cell Salvage Technology

    Nearly every surgical procedure involves some degree of blood loss. In today's hospitals, autologous cell salvage is becoming an integral part of high-performing patient blood management protocols.

    The Cell Saver® Elite®+ system provides patients with their own fresh, washed blood to a product bag, which many help to reduce allogenic transfusion and minimize costs. Its integrated SmartSuction® is gentle on red blood cells (RBCs), preserving them for transfusion. Its fat reduction protocol is designed for optimal performance, while still offering custom settings that allow for modifications during a procedure.